Celebrate the Year of the Rat in 2020

The rat is the first of the Zodiac animals. The rat reflects the beginning of a new day and is representative of yang. They are often seen as a sign of surplus and wealth. Tradition says that they are quick and smart with their thinking, which allows them to find great success in life.

Rats are also content with living a life that is peaceful and quiet. When you combine their energy and optimism with these traits, then It is easy to see why these traits make them so popular. Anyone born during the Year of the Rat would share these qualities.

The next Year of the Rat visits us in 2020. This year will be a special moment where we all celebrate their unique characteristics.

This upcoming year combines the element of metal, which indicates that those born during this next year (and those born in 1960) will live a stable, reliable life. These people are exceptionally talented at turning unfortunate events into successful outcomes.

A unique gift for those born in this year is an exquisite handmade ceramic figurine which reflects the animal representative of their birth. No two pieces are exactly the same with our exclusive collectible, featuring gold highlights around the ear and tail to represent their good fortune now and in the future.

Celebrate the animal who believes that fortune favors the bold by picking up this fine collectible today.

White Rat

Black Rat



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