The Minis

Now available for purchase as either a complete set or as individual figurines, The Minis are a beautiful, hand crafted and painted re-imagining of Noah’s Ark as told with adorable animals and a simply charming miniature ark.

Each piece is hand carved and then painted u with gold and platinum glazes to bring out the unique characteristics and personality of each of the animals.

These figurines are made with care by our craftsmen and artisans in Uruguay. The talent and technique of our creators and carvers ensure that no two figures are ever exactly the same. Each ceramic piece is made to be individual and must be held in person to be experienced.

Each Noah’s Ark Mini set comes with your choice of up to fifteen different adorable, hand-painted animals, including an owl, a sheep, a whale, a cat, and others. All with individual, hand-painted joyful and happy expressions on their faces.

This set is also perfect for gift-giving, whether you are a seasoned collector or a grandmother giving a gift to your young granddaughter, it is perfect and appropriate for all occasions. What better way to start a unique and special collection that you or your loved one can treasure forever?

These Noah’s Ark Mini figurines are the perfect way to show your love and fellowship with an exceptional and well-made gift!


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