New Designs Presented At AmericasMart!

Have you ever wanted to own a little bit of nature in the palm of your hand? Ever wanted to give someone a gift that they can treasure forever? De Rosa figurines are both of these things and more.

Our collection of bespoke figurines are not only timeless but beautifully intricate down to the last detail.

Every one of our products is handmade by master craftsman in Uruguay and using a process that is specifically taught only by the De Rosa family. Each figurine is carved by hand and painted with our special, vibrant gold and platinum enamel paints so no two figurines are ever the same.

This year, we have a number of new pieces including the daring, green-eyed Angora Cat, the sweet little Squirrel and the exclusive Chinese Zodiac figures for 2020: the Rats.

The Squirrel is a particular fan-favorite as it’s curious black eyes and plump little tail capture the imagination and affection of anyone from a casual nature lover to a seasoned figurine collector.

This piece has received lots of attention lately and we’re very happy to present it for an exclusive audience today.

At De Rosa, we create memories to collect and share with friends and loved ones. We’re happy to have spent more than 50 years making charming and elegant figurines that appeal to both the young and old

alike, bringing families together and providing heartfelt gifts and collectibles. Every purchase with us is a promise for tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

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