Our Annual Trip To Ambiente 2020

Straight from our newest collection to our renovated stand at Ambiente Show, we featured an exciting new collection of De Rosa figurines that are sure to delight and captivate you for many years to come.

These very special pieces have already been featured with great acclaim this year at the Atlanta Market and Ambiente Frankfurt and are now available to be purchased on our website!

The most exclusive and beloved figure from our gallery collection, the African Elephant is both majestic and beautiful, with it’s long curled trunk and eclectic coloring. This piece is only available for a limited run of 400 figures so make sure to order today!

Other figures, like our Bull and Boreal Owls are accentuated with gold and platinum paints that make the pieces shine and sparkle in your home or office space.

Our Red Panda is a curious, playful little addition to the collection. Note the brush strokes on his one-of-a-kind hand painted fur.

Last, but certainly not least, our Parrot adds a colorful and fun pop to any space and is so lifelike that you can almost see it’s wings flapping as it sits on it’s leafy branch.

It is always fun and enriching to meet our customers and distributors from around the world. It was a pleasure to see you Yves, Simon, Santiago, Steve and all our dearest clients and friends. Hope to see you next year 🙂


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