Charm with Chinese Zodiac Ox

Strong, intelligent, reliable. These are all traits that are represented by one of the natural world’s most steadfast and beautiful animals, the ox.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the year of the ox and De Rosa is celebrating by releasing two brand new exclusive designs that represent this majestic animal.

Both of the new designs include a mother ox and her baby, both hand crafted according to our unique process and painted using our special gold and silver enamel glazes.

The calm, serene and strong mother and her adoring and curious baby look so lifelike that you can almost imagine them twitching their tails playfully or happily munching on grass. These figures are available in two colors both with stunning gold details that make their horns and hooves gleam and shine.

The Chinese Zodiac notes that people who are born during the year of the ox are honest, thoughtful, and humble. They often have many friends and loving families and gain recognition through their talent and hard work. In China, the ox is considered a sacred animal because of it’s benefits to agriculture and positive characteristics.

There is no better gift for a friend or loved one that was born in the year of the ox than one of the elegant and charming figurines from this collection. As a gift, these figurines show that you both treasure the person that you’re giving them to that you have put special thought into what figurine would best fit their personality.

Blue Ox

Brown Ox

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