Introducing De Rosa’s New Lop Rabbit Commemorating 2023 Year of the Rabbit

According to Chinese folklore, the Jade Emperor held a race that determined the zodiac order of which animals arrived first at his party. The rabbit arrived first but took a nap at the side, waking up to three other animals already at the finish line.

The rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In the Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. It symbolizes mercy, elegance, and beauty. People who are born in the year of the rabbit are calm and peaceful. They avoid fighting and arguing at all times, but are artistic and have good taste in life. This is why they pay close attention to small details and make sure everything is done correctly.

To commemorate the 2023 Year of the Rabbit, we are introducing this stunning, hand-carved Lop Rabbit figurine, detailed with gold and platinum. Every handmade creation of De Rosa is designed by Uruguayan artisans and craftsmen, with a precise attention to detail that makes every piece a gorgeous addition to your home decor or a heartfelt gift for a loved one!

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