Purchase easily and safely! You just have to follow these 3 steps:

Browse the categories and choose the product you want.
You can choose many products in the same purchase, making a single payment and receiving everything in one shipment.

If you are already registered, enter with your email and password. But register or buy as a guest.
Remember that if you buy as a registered user you will get benefits via email, as well as a better tracking of your purchase.

Choose a payment method, make the payment and go!
Pay safely and reliably.

Once paid you can rest easy, we will be working on your order!


  1. Find the product you are looking for by browsing the categories or typing a feature in the search bar.
  2. Get more information about the product you want to buy by clicking on the name or image.
  3. When you’re sure it’s the product you’re looking for, click “Buy” or “I want it.”
  4. Your product is added to the shopping cart. You can add more products by browsing the categories of the site or finalizing your purchase by clicking on the cart button next to the cart, in the upper right part of the screen.
  5. Here you can see the products you have in the cart, choose the conditions of your purchase, your shipping and click on “Pay” or “End purchase” to continue with the payment and shipping.
  6. Enter your personal information so that we can deliver the order. If you are already a registered user, enter your email and password and your data will be automatically uploaded. In this step you can add another shipping and billing address.
  7. Choose the shipping method that suits you best.
  8. Choose the means of payment you prefer within the available ones. Pay safely and reliably.
  9. Here you can choose the promotion and payment method that best suits you.
  10. Check your order, enter your discount coupon, if you have one and click on “Pay” or “Buy”.
  11. Complete the payment according to the means of payment you have chosen.
  12. Done! We will take care of getting your order to where you have selected. Remember that you can follow the status of your order by clicking on “My Orders” within “My Account”
  13. For any questions you can contact us through the options in “Contact” of the foot or the upper push button